The collections you can’t shy away from…

Writing isn’t always about perfect grammar or the use of words most people have to stop and look up. It’s also about emotion and being able to touch someone’s heart using your imagination through words, bringing us pain, laughter, tears, and joy.

Whatever way you chose to write, don’t pressure yourself by comparing or thinking you aren’t good enough, you are. However you have come to writing, come as you are. You are here, and that is what matters. Come to your pages as you and let us meet you through your words. Touch our hearts, captivate us, steal us, frighten us, seduce us. However you do, do it full heartedly. Do it like you.

Now let’s grab some graphite and hit the trees, shall we?

18 thoughts on “The collections you can’t shy away from…

  1. I read your post on Opinionated Man about the piano and had to see what you are about. That post was remarkable. I had a baby grand as a teenager, but movers brought in the house and set it up. Anyway, I’m not a writer but will be following your blog. I hope to have more time to post when I retire in November. For now, I mostly do photos.

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  2. Beautifully written Audrey. I followed your comment from Mr Opinions ( blog to your site.

    There’s nothing quite as damaging as comparing our own experiences to everyone elses highlight reel!


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      1. Well we’re not so happy here in Detroit. Love my Lions but at this point. I try to keep that quiet. 😂


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