My world

My world will be a sad place when my singing or goofing around annoys my daughters rather than sending them into endless laughter.


Many people ask me what faith is and I’ve learned the more I try to explain the more quizzical their faces becomes. Today in service I heard a phrase that is now my always and final answer to that question. Faith is when you have everything to gain; and nothing to lose.


When you’re unsure of their path, when you doubt their decisions but you let them make the choice. When at times they frustrate you, when you roll your own adult eyes at them. When you feel like you’ve failed as a parent, when they make you feel like the best parent in the world.Ma and … More Doubt

Sweet Virginia. 

Nearly a month and a half away from celebrating ninty-two, my grandmother had passed. She battled colon cancer in her seventies, breast cancer in her eighties and came out letting them know who was boss each time.  She out lived her parents, her two sisters and a brother. She raised an amazing son while loving … More Sweet Virginia. 

You won’t win singlehandedly. We won’t let you. Make no mistake. 

Sure you can try, whoever you are; by attacking small cities and targeting areas of innocent people all you want. But you will not break our great worlds gift of unity. We all post random junk on Facebook, some on animal videos, religious posts, jokes, birthday wishes, wedding photos, play quizzes no one gives a … More You won’t win singlehandedly. We won’t let you. Make no mistake. 

Did you?

Did you give thanks today for waking up? I did.  Did you pray last night before bed? I did.  Were you hurt by the sadness in our news? I was.   Did you become fueled by anger over the dishonesty in our political world? I did.  Did your heart break knowing children are dying at … More Did you?


Is my 42nd birthday. Where will this year take me? Who will I meet, who will I lose? How many paths will I choose correctly and how many correct ones will I pass? Wherever this year takes me, I wish it to keep me here within my writing circle with all my fellow bloggers. On … More Today….