3 a.m.

Sometimes the night is just too dark for my liking. Sometimes it’s too quiet. Sometimes my mind is too loud. Sometimes I realize how loud the second hand is on my clock. Sometimes I wish we didn’t need sleep at all. Sometimes the traffic outside sounds like the ocean. Sometimes I stare at the artwork … More 3 a.m.

My world

My world will be a sad place when my singing or goofing around annoys my daughters rather than sending them into endless laughter.

Life lesson

Kisses when you’re lonely Whiskey when you’re dry Riches when you’re broke And Heaven when you die ❤ Possibly written by my nieces grandfather.


This anxiety is overwhelming- it takes over their minutes – it will take over their hours if allowed- it will even erase full days. They turn their cheek every chance they get- but they know it’s there lurking around the corner and now it has brought fear along too! It has brought fear because they … More Anxiety

Dramatic should have been her first name. 

I still can’t quite put all the pieces together, but when she walked in with her apron still clean, hair in place and not a stain on her uniform shirt, yet claiming to have had “The worst shift ever in my life”! I had to chuckle. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/dramatic/ Throwing herself on the sofa like she just finished … More Dramatic should have been her first name. 


6:30 So I hit my snooze at 6:30 am,  4 times his morning. That’s a total of thirty-six minutes since each ‘snooze’ is set for nine minutes.  7:06 I reach over hit it for the fifth time and say “Why do I set my alarm for the weekends?” My husband rolls over and says “Babe … More “WHAT??” 

The Washer chronicles 

Chapter 2 Typical Sunday morning at nine a.m. And the mat is pretty full. Soapy front loaders agitating at their best as the dryers softly tumble their contents. I’ve always found it memorizing to watch the clothes swirl around with their vibrant colors or the crisp whites being tossed around like the purest of clouds. … More The Washer chronicles 

Sea glass

Glass The calmness of green, the tranquility of blue and pureness of white. Wrapped up with the mystery of the journey of where they came from, what they have been through and how their journey has shaped them. My ever longing to understand how beautiful they come out. Photo: Annette Azar

The Washer Chronicles

Chapter one  “WHAT????” She hollered at me like I was asking her literally go to school naked. I repeated myself calmly. “We need to use a laundromat” Although this time I made it clear “Our flat doesn’t have a washer and dryer so unless you’d like to live in filthy clothes and dry off with … More The Washer Chronicles

About Me….Day 1

I am a hard-working woman/mother/wife/step=mom/sister/daughter/friend trying to get by in this busy every day lifestyle of a world we call “Life”. I have gone to school since I was 5 and I am still going. I have degrees in everything and nothing. I write occasionally for a small town paper called Thumbprint News and love … More About Me….Day 1

Did you?

Did you give thanks today for waking up? I did.  Did you pray last night before bed? I did.  Were you hurt by the sadness in our news? I was.   Did you become fueled by anger over the dishonesty in our political world? I did.  Did your heart break knowing children are dying at … More Did you?

“Life is the messy bits”. ~Letters  from Juliet.

Frame of mind

“See it? Look harder! Come on you can do it”! It’s dark, a little light filters in from the back but not enough to use as a guide. Frame of mind? Mine. I’m sitting enjoying a bottle of Chanti and tiramisu with the man I love and plan to marry. Yet, our mind frame together … More Frame of mind