Many people ask me what faith is and I’ve learned the more I try to explain the more quizzical their faces becomes. Today in service I heard a phrase that is now my always and final answer to that question. Faith is when you have everything to gain; and nothing to lose.

Dramatic should have been her first name. 

I still can’t quite put all the pieces together, but when she walked in with her apron still clean, hair in place and not a stain on her uniform shirt, yet claiming to have had “The worst shift ever in my life”! I had to chuckle. Throwing herself on the sofa like she just finished … More Dramatic should have been her first name. 


6:30 So I hit my snooze at 6:30 am,  4 times his morning. That’s a total of thirty-six minutes since each ‘snooze’ is set for nine minutes.  7:06 I reach over hit it for the fifth time and say “Why do I set my alarm for the weekends?” My husband rolls over and says “Babe … More “WHAT??”