Angelos Passing

Today, my sister will dress in black, she will fix her hair the way you liked it, and apply her make up flawlessly. She will, to us, effortlessly look beautiful for you, one last time. But for her, she wears a dress she will never want to wear again, nor forget when she wore it … More Angelos Passing


I stumbled across your words today. I cannot figure out why I was so frustrated on my feelings. Within the first admittance of your invasion, I thought it was me you were watching, I realized I wanted it to be me. Wait! What? Why? No! That feeling took me completely aback, where did that come from? What was it … More Violated 

Writing space

A simple phrase yet when separated by a period gives two very different meanings. Writing space. Writing. Space. I write where I write. Normally at my lab top with a glass of wine, sometimes plugged into the local restaurants bar rail. At home at the kitchen table…no, not so much. Not my thing. Sitting cross-legged … More Writing space

The Mirror.

“Have you ever felt you’ve become the worst version of yourself?” – Tom Hanks – You’ve got mail. That line sticks out to me like a bad paper-cut hit with hand sanitizer. Once we suddenly become that selfish, blind person we can’t stand to see in someone else, we can’t take it back. Her back, … More The Mirror.