3 a.m.

Sometimes the night is just too dark for my liking. Sometimes it’s too quiet. Sometimes my mind is too loud. Sometimes I realize how loud the second hand is on my clock. Sometimes I wish we didn’t need sleep at all. Sometimes the traffic outside sounds like the ocean. Sometimes I stare at the artwork … More 3 a.m.

Good luck.

We live in a universe of chaos and chance. And as a wise person once said , “Chance can be a real bastard”.

My world

My world will be a sad place when my singing or goofing around annoys my daughters rather than sending them into endless laughter.

Mais hands.

Mai, pronounced like the month is a woman from China. I’m unfamiliar with which town but I know it was one where she worked hard and played little. She is a masseuse and does Mani/Pedi’s in Susan’s salon. Another woman from China. I have been going to this salon and sent many friends and family … More Mais hands.


Many people ask me what faith is and I’ve learned the more I try to explain the more quizzical their faces becomes. Today in service I heard a phrase that is now my always and final answer to that question. Faith is when you have everything to gain; and nothing to lose.

Which track??

People with anxiety don’t have a train of thought, we have about seven trains on four tracks that narrowly avoid each other when paths cross and all the conductors are screaming.


When you see people in your ‘party’ near you having a conversation and you ask “What?” And the response comes to you with no eye contact just a general tone of voice muttering “nothing”, what do you do? How do you respond? Do you confront the obvious or do tell yourself to sweep it under … More “Nothing”


If people don’t start putting their phones down and lifting their heads up; we’re going to bring back the cave man era earlier than Jesus planned.

Her pain

Some days I wish I could it take away. Other days I wish I could shake reality into her. I pray to God, I curse his blessings. He’s given me everything in them, yet the pain is unbearable. I see their beauty, I see their greatness. But the pain is all to excruciating. To do … More Her pain

Friends that hurt…

I saw your post. I saw your pain. I saw your tears. I heard your cry. Though society has you hide. My God teaches me to seek. I reach for your being. Even as you hide. I lift you in prayer. I acknowledge your anguish. I seek for you. A new beginning.

Our grey…

He retired just before his fourth birthday and we couldn’t wait to bring him home. Only it feels like we’ve loved him our whole lives.