Welcome, come on in.

I saw an amazing Artist at work today. He was super kind and let me snap some pics even though his work wasn’t finished. Reminded me of how God is always working on us, until someone comes along and changes us, damaging us, stepping on us, until we cry and let our colors run because we’ve allowed them to ruin us.

But then God comes along again, washing us and painting us with brighter colors and more life than ever. Always know, He is there. Just waiting in the wings for you to say “Okay God, come on into my life, I need you”.

It’s not a power or control thing, it’s simply letting someone know we love them and want them in our lives. How do you feel when someone says that to you? Makes you feel pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Go ahead, give Him that feeling from you! #God #healing #graffiti #faith #openheart #blogging #photography #cleanpalette #painting

3 thoughts on “Welcome, come on in.

  1. I love your thoughts on life as you have written them here. Beautiful art. I wonder if he knew the person who the art was dedicated to as he has written a name ( I can’t quite decifer) ‘RIP.’ and ‘pray for the adused.’ Beautiful but sad. 💜


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