When you get that “feeling”….

Last night I had a dream, scratch that a nightmare of an acquaintances house burning down, and I’m talking charred down nothing left but the embers showing the footprint of the house that once was.

I could see Erin falling to her knees in her long cream skirt to the ground untouched with soot, her blouse with flowing sleeves, her hands covering her face. I was taking a picture of this scene as she fell to her knees, next to her lay on the ground her husband Danny, unharmed consoling their young son James, I believe he’s almost 4 now, I could be wrong, but either way, you’ll be praying for a little one.

I don’t where this nightmare started but I do know where it finished,  it finished with me praying silently in bed as I lay there. I woke up from my phone giving off my text alert tone. I glance at the clock, it reads 6:45, bank account daily balance. I close my eyes, its the first day of vacation in Florida at my parents’ house, I’m choosing to sleep in.

A few moments later (sleep time) my phone went off again, it made this awesome “swoosh” sound. Email sent. Which it does that often and I’m not sending emails at 6:45 am. I’ll have to look into that. I reach for the phone and click my side button to silence.

Anyway…….I continued to lay in bed praying for everyone that came across my dream which then leads to everyone else they knew and so on and so and so on if you pray, I know you’re laughing because you can totally relate this right, and trust me; I’m laughing at myself with you.

So as I lay and pray, also praying for my hot flashes to lighten up as my foot hangs off the side off the bed to cool me down. I pray for my husband and our children, our parents, our siblings and their families. My phone goes off again, but this time the sound was different, it was like the swooshing one but a bit lower, like when you exhale because you annoyed, think of when your dog does that sigh because he wants to go outside again even though you just came in.

Then I remembered, I turned my phone off. I check my phone, it’s off. I recently went through about with the Enemy bringing me down for a week’s time that I could not shake, remembering the Devil only needs a foothold nothing more. Well, last week He had me up to my waist. I was told in church that Sunday that “We walk around chains the Devil has slain upon us, while Christ provides us the key.”

I didn’t even has enough strength to bend over to reach the key.

As we went to prayer time, my husband and I went up to the kneelers and we prayed, we both had tears throughout as I knew I was struggling with stress and anxiety and letting them win, my husband knew I needed his prayers also.

When we returned to our seats after being prayed upon by several churchgoers, (prayer warriors) The speaker that day added this, pointing down to the ground “He is not happy! These people have come to kneel before the Lord and they have chosen Him (pointing up) over Him.” (pointing to the ground again). He continued saying “Ten Thousand Angels have rejoiced”! Right then, I knew he had no further grip on me.

So laying in bed recalling all of this, I slowly bring my foot in, protected under my covers. Believe what you may, but I believe in God, and if you believe in God, then you believe there is an ongoing battle between Him and the Enemy.

So if you need prayer, I am praying for you without you even asking, and if you are unsure that can happen, then you are missing out on a brand new life with Christ.


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