To do or not to do…

So when I’m bored with my theme, I change it up. When I’m bored with my photo I change it up.

But the Blog name…. what to do when bored with it.

I once read a fellow blogger who stated you should never use clever titles or catchy lyrics for your theme. “It should be your name. If you’re going to write, own what you write”.

Well; I agree I suppose. I better agree because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t someone else changing all of my titles from Facebook, to Twitter and Instagram to WordPress to my name. It’s what she said to do. I was new at this. So I did.

Well, the more I blog, the more I realize I don’t care about my name in lights up on the big screen. I just want to WRITE! And have fun while doing it.

So to change or not to change…


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