When you see people in your ‘party’ near you having a conversation and you ask “What?” And the response comes to you with no eye contact just a general tone of voice muttering “nothing”, what do you do? How do you respond? Do you confront the obvious or do tell yourself to sweep it under the rug like everything below you’ve compiled. And may I remind you lady; that rug is unable to conceal much more. Kinda like your heart, it can only take so much until it bursts and takes you down with it.

Your gut tells you it was something “they” didn’t want you in on; something they still don’t want you in on.

So you sit there; apart from the group, yet in the chair next to them with your pride and embarrassment. You choose to be the “adult” and turn your cheek in the other direction and pretend you are interested in whatever the hell is on the television and you sit there, judging yourself, judging your past, and critiquing every move you’ve made since the third grade. A monumental self-accomplishment eh? Ya; not so much; you’re pathetic. Just look in the mirror and face it. You’ve been replaced with someone younger, someone cooler, worst of all; someone that has been more accepted then you ever had been.

Time to hang up your last costume; draw the curtain, and realize; you’re time has expired. The clock has stopped ticking. Time is no longer on your side.

Curtain closes. No standing ovation.

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