But should we re-think our thoughts?

A friend reminded me tonight that

And as much as I agree; I often wonder do we need to re-think what we “feel” we deserve?

I silently watch others I know and love become involved with someone or something (job, goal, project) etc that consumes their soul. And not in a good way; in such a way their soul becomes numb and their character; lost. Their minds’ thoughts and eyes filled with dreams drift wayward to the side, not upward in gratitude in happiness, but to the side where most look for answers and sadly; enablement.

Do we take our own hearts emotions along with our minds reasoning and detour them to the side; where our eyes end up looking anyway? If so; why? Why do we doubt our own dreams with all the gifts we so deserve?

We need to look up for answers to our story before we look around for distractions to our end. The Bible states it perfectly in 2 Corinthians 13; Above all; to thine own self be true.

God created us in His image. Perfect. So why are we not telling our beautiful selves that we deserve perfect!

Stop the lies you tell yourself, stop the tears, the fear, and the doubt. Look in the mirror, hear the words YOU ARE PERFECT!

Go out and make your story beautiful!

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