I heard a story once….

The other day I was listening to a man speak; he was reciting a devotional that he had “plagiarized” he smiled as he did his air quotes. He had been reading and writing devotionals since the loss of his daughter 6 years ago.

The devotional he re-told went like this…

“I was standing in line at a dollar store as the woman behind me with her two kids one small, one big, tried controlling the little one who was whining, crying, jacket half off, overtired, you know the kind, to try and keep quiet. She reached over and took the pack of glow sticks from her oldest son, opened the bag, and handed one to the crying child. He grabbed it and his face lit up! He was marching up and down the aisle with a smile from ear to ear, singing whatever song he could make up as fast as he could make it. The tears had dried up and his mom wore a weary tired smile, but it was still a smile.

As the cashier checked me out and I put my cart away, the woman with the children and I both approached the door at the same time. I held it open for the boys, at that moment I saw the older one take the glow stick from his little brother and crack it! Well the little one let out a loud whine and just as the Mother was just about to lose her mind the older boy shook it. As he handed it back he said “I needed to break it to show you its full potential” The stick began to glow. His eyes lit up, his smile was even bigger and he just stared in awe of that beautiful, fluorescent green light.

You see, the moral here is a simple one. Sometimes we have to be broken to be the best we can be.

So when you are broke, and weary and fully know there is nothing left for you, be still; let the Lord come and shake your world, He will make it glow!

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