The Devil made me do it.

Some people just don’t understand how true that statement is. He comes in only needing a toe to complete his “foothold” and then we are gone. He does two things; he runs and ruins your life.

He runs your life allowing you to put the letter “I” in that word changing the entire action, tricking you to think you are in control. How many times have you heard someone that you love state, ”I am in control, I can handle this, I got this” as your heart broke into pieces knowing full well they were not in control at all.

Yeah, that “I” just changed the action of the verb RUN to RUIN.

Listen to your own words and to those of others. Small words can lead to much bigger pictures. Our world, our friends, our families, our neighbors ALL need help. So we need to go back to the age-old rule in school “Silence is golden” and learn to listen when others talk.

We are only ”in control”, handling ”our” stuff or “got this” when we say “GODS got this, GODS in control, GODS handling me”

If His name isn’t coming out of.our months, someone else is in the drivers seat of our minds.

Thank God, He knows we need Him!

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