The girl with no job….

So I stopped in to see my daughter at her work today, I noticed that she was strategically placing young women throughout the restaurant five or six tables apart. I commented and said “what’s the deal?” said replied “Oh they’re new hostess and waitress interviews, I like to spread them amongst tables so when James [the manager] interviews them, they can’t hear the questions he asks. I naturally replied “Oh smart idea ”

As James approached, he nods hello to me and asked Madi “Who’s next?” She pointed over to section 5 and said “Her” she tore off an application sheet handed it to him, as he began to make his way to section five; my daughter quickly said “Wait, you’re going to need this? He held up the pen she handed him with a quizzical look. She replied, “She looks like a girl that doesn’t have a pen” I looked at her shockingly and said “Madison”. She gave me the ‘watch and learn’ look.

I watched James hand her the application as she scrambled for a pen that she did not have, smiled and took the pen James was offering her. I looked back at my daughter “I have an eye for that sort of thing” she replied.


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