I’ll start.

What is your favorite Morgan Freeman line? I don’t care about hate or politics here; just good ‘ol fashion movie lines that brought you somewhere, made you want to achieve something, or just gave you plain goosebumps. I’ll start. ‘Ernest Hemingway once said “‘The world is a finer place and worth fighting for’. I agree … More I’ll start.

Guilty as charged??

If you were arrested for being a Christian; would there be enough evidence to prove you guilty? And if not; what would you need to change? Are you willing to make those changes; or will you die an ”innocent” Christian who turned his back on Christ himself just because it was ”easier” to hide? Feedback … More Guilty as charged??


I often think I’ve seen it all, and nothing else could surprise me……and that’s where I’d be wrong.


I accidentally went grocery shopping today while I was hungry; I’m now the proud owner of aisle five.