If we were having coffee on Sunday April 22nd (Earth day).

Good morning, come on in. My husband is still sleeping but I am up and just finishing my first cup of espresso. Would you like one? Perhaps some tea? I can make you some regular coffee as well, just give me a minute to dig out the coffee pot. Oh, I don’t have creamer just milk; if you give me a minute I can walk to the corner store and grab some, perks of living in a small downtown city.

What’s been going on? Well the house is almost ready to be listed, my husband been exhausting himself trying to get it done, which I why I didn’t wake him early, I know he’s wiped out, we have church this morning then we are back out at it again. I’m praying for God to take the reins in this; I know he’s the one in control, I’m just running out of patience.

One thing I am blessed with is this sun! Finally, spring has sprung and I’m praying it stays!

The girls are good, working a lot. Mom and Dad should be coming in from Florida for a few weeks in the next month so that will be nice, haven’t seen them since November.

Work has been super busy, we are finally moving our surgical room to the suite upstairs on Monday, we will do a dry run of all the equipment on Tuesday and id all goes smoothly we start surgeries up there Wednesday. I’m looking forward to a vacation sometime soon, but I don’t feel I will relax until I see the weight of that house off of his shoulders. Then I can breathe again.

Thank you for stopping in, felt food to really chat! Enjoy this beautiful day, I hope it finds you and comforts you in a way you may need.

#coffeeshare #coffeebreak #stopbyagainsoon

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