The Rope Ladder.

As I stumble (and I use that word loosely seeing as it’s the truth) through my walk of Christianity, I’ve come to realize we all receive crutches to help us along the way. Some people were given scaffoldings, others were given those handy-dandy window-washing pole-fed machines, and some were even given a staircase. Not me. … More The Rope Ladder.

Our thirteen year old..

My husband: ”Hi Joe, how was school?” Joey: ”Fine” Husband: ”Did you learn anything new?” Joey: ”No” Husband: ”Really? Nothing at all huh?” Joey: ”No, I’ve been trying to explain this for years!” Ahh, kids. They make you chuckle at times, don’t they?


It will take you further than you wanted to go….. Stay longer than you wanted to….. And cost you more than you wanted to pay…… Was it worth it?