The opportunity clock.

So during this Lenten season, I’ve been listening to The Dynamic Catholic ‘Best lent ever’ series. I’m a Christian but it’s the same thing in its teachings, being the best version of yourself. So far I have really enjoyed listening to the 5-7 minute videos daily. You can read or watch them, I prefer listening to them, I have found such great comfort in the narrators’ voice.

Today, day thirty-seven; was called ’The Opportunity Clock’. Matthew Kelly spoke about how certain words were not allowed in his house growing up, like for example the word hate. Then he continues to say what he does hate. Waking up to an alarm clock.

You know, in the book, I talk about, “Alarm suggests fright, fear, chaos, confusion, and looming catastrophe.” Well that’s a great way to start the day, isn’t it?

And in many ways, that’s our first moment of victory or failure in the day. It’s the first moment of freedom or slavery, you know?

But isn’t he so correct? I never and I mean never thought about it like that.

The first time we hit the snooze button, “we just had our first failure of the day” Wow! You cannot tell me that statement is not profound! Not including the thousands of thoughts traveling through my head of “Holy crap! I don’t want to start my day like that! I want it beautiful, content, enjoyable, I want it peaceful.

He continues to state how we should choose to rename it, the opportunity clock

“We were graced by another day! How many others were not?”

He continues to add that each day is a new opportunity, a fresh start, a new beginning. And that he (and I) hope you never have to wake up to another alarm clock again.

Starting tomorrow.

Best lent ever series. Dynamic catholic

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