Watch. I live through art; I have zero talent but I was gifted with creativity, {writing mainly}. But the gift that God has given to others amazes me on a an hourly basis. I shared a while ago a dance piece showing the power of addiction. This is a piece which my younger sister shared … More Watch.


“Waiter this coleslaw smells strong and taste sour, could they make us some fresh ones please?” Waiter: “I’m so sorry about that, but they don’t make any fresh coleslaw until Sunday.” “We’ll take to side salads with oil and vinegar.”


I read a statistic today that listed the fact that a person receives 120 hours of criticism each year of their life, compared to 20 minutes of praise. How does this fact make you want to change? It made me want to change the world, one kind word at a time.

Just sayin’ #15

The first testicular guard, the “Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took a hundred years for men to realize that their brain is also important.