Stinkin’ thinkin’

We all have that day when we are knocked down with bad thinking, grumpiness, crabbiness, moodiness, call it what you want; you know what I’m talking about.

You’re basically stuck, rolling around like a pig in the mud. Only you’re not a pig, you’re a human. And for the most part, we don’t enjoy rolling around in the mud. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as the saying goes ”Happy as a pig in S@&T!” is not me.

(chiefly Britain and Ireland, idiomatic, vulgar) Extremely happy; obviously satisfied and carefree.

Or you on these days. So how do we get out of it? How do we become unstuck?

Well, today in church I was educated on just that.

”Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent”.

As my Pastor continued he let us know that he himself has days like this and that a friend offered him the advice of reading Psalm 100 along with giving him the above quote. I won’t do the liberty of writing it here for you, I’ll let you read that on your own and I hope you reflect on it as we did during service.

Look around tou, FIND something to be thankful for! And keep looking, keep going!

As much as we don’t enjoy it but stay in the mud anyway during those days; it’s nice to know there is something out there that can get us unstuck, and rather quickly I may add.

So here’s to you, here’s to me, and here’s to bacon!!

Well, at least you helped free a pig!

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