Her melody

She sits with her guitar on the roof beneath the sun. She sings because she can, it is what she does and what she loves. Some songs are full of love, others upbeat, but the sad songs are where she finds defeat. She sings for you; she sings for me, but only she knows how … More Her melody

That smile

She has love of country music in her heart, and she’s ready to dance anytime. When she reveals her smile you want to be the one responsible for making it appear. The world is at her feet only she doesn’t know it yet, but when she does; that million dollar smile will be hers for … More That smile

Her time

Getting her to be serious has often shown its frustration. Her way of living is just that, HERS! She has a fire that lies within her that is slowly starting to burn; when the flames reach high and embers smolder the world will be hers for the taking. ❤️ my beautiful Gabrielle.<<<< gt;<< p>

She hides

She smiles at her surroundings but is reserved with great care, she takes in more than you see and gives only what she wants you to know. But if she lets you in, for you are the lucky one, she will give you her everything. ❤️my beautiful niece<< p>