The flowers died on Monday

It’s what he anticipated, but they lasted much longer then he thought.

It figures it was Monday, his first day back to work after everything.

He wasn’t quite ready to face his co-workers yet. Their families had been difficult enough, work is a long eight hour day with the same people five days a week. At least with family, he was able to pawn them off with a cheap chipper text filled with happy lies, then there were the times he just shut his phone off completely.

He was surprised how he really wasn’t ready to go back to his life, it was so the same; but now so different.

His clothes, his car, his job; were all the same. But with one major piece that was always holding everything together; now gone.

He parked his car in his reserved spot like he always did, he grabbed his sport coat and brief bag from the back seat ready to start the day. Or was he? He made his way over to the door, pulled his badge out and gave it a swipe.

He was greeted by the same familiar face behind the security desk he had known for over twenty years now.

“Mornin’ Mr Davis” the voice was subtle but now with some hesitancy behind it.

“A new Monday,” the voice continued “I wonder what the week will hold for us?”.

He gave a gentle smile as he passed the desk heading to the rear of the lobby.

It was Monday, the last of her flowers had died today.

How will I ever make it to Tuesday he thought.

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