20 (twenty) minutes

Sometimes I become so discourage (self inflicted I know)

You want your blog to reach the skies, gain followers, have other writers liking your posts, and the ever earth shattering RE-BLOG!!! But how many times we sit between the forty hour work week and the home life of parent, spouse, maid, cook, mechanic! You know the list, it goes on and on and on……

Twenty minutes a day, write something, post anything they say! Post a work event, create a weekly post about book you’re reading (yeah still trying to finish that please don’t see Clutter to Clarity) post a quote. Post something!


I’d rather spend twenty minutes opening wine!


3 thoughts on “20 (twenty) minutes

  1. I struggle with this too. Since the start of the year I have posted something every day – until last night, when the universe conspired against me pretty spectacularly. I do find myself wondering sometimes where some people get the time to do the things they do.

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