It’s that time again

I am reposting my piece “Word of the year” 2017

My word of the year 2017

Why? In hopes that while I do my internal research on myself and yet another year that was graced to me by God as I seek to find this years word, I hope you take the time to learn your word (or New Years resolution). Whatever you choose.

A word works best for me.

I have seen some apply words that already describes themselves, try to avoid this. That is already a part of you, find a new part. Something amazing, a gift to yourself if you will.

Others have used a word that grabs attention. Again, try to refrain from this. Look at your word once you find it. Think of what responses it would gain if you made it public. Does it gain “attention”? If so, not the right word. Will it generate comments of “It’s perfect for you”? If so, again, not the right word. Maybe the comments boost your ego? If that happens definitely not your word.

You see, last year when I saw people doing this I found it clever because the New Years resolutions always seemed to fail and if they didn’t exactly fail, they just sort of; tapered off. No one ever really minded either. It became the ‘ol shoulder shrug of “Ah there’s always next year”. But, is there???

A word however; becomes part of you, your character, something you stood by, part of your legacy. Something others could use to maybe describe the way you lived your life.

Your word should encourage a few types of comments, should you go public. Like, encouragement, words of affirmation, positivity towards your goal, prayers for your upcoming year and journey with your word. Those are things that I would want to see, more importantly; things that I will be saying to others.

I will leave you with this…. I wish you time, peace and patience in listening for your word, after all; sometimes you aren’t the one picking it.

Oh, and don’t rush. There is no deadline for this. I wasn’t given my word last year until March. Like I stated prior, patience.

Happy wording.


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