My biggest fan is not Jiminy Cricket.

Once a mistake, always a regret with a heavy thought. Always dwelling upon it, doing the ever wondering of ‘Have I been forgiven’? The bible reads: “Once God has forgiven you, do not come forthright and ask for forgiveness among-st the same sin. For He does not hear you”.

Man that’s tough one to swallow isn’t it? Our biggest enemy is our conscious. Screw Romeo, “Oh Jiminy, where art thou?”!!!!
Where is that little guy just waiting to give us the correct advice we need before we make that grand mistake. Or is it an error? I get confused.

My father once had a sign in his office that read “An error only becomes a mistake once you refuse to correct it”.

Makes sense. Fix what you can. Move on and move forth. Stop looking back. Like the saying reads “You can’t move onto the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last”.

Well if it’s so damn wrong then why, why, do we keep re-reading? Is it to re-gain the wisdom at the time of when we didn’t have it? Is it to constantly “learn from our mistakes” or, could it just be, that maybe; we are human and we will continue to look back because it is in our nature. We do not and cannot forget of those we’ve hurt or disappointed in our past, and we do this at the cost of our own double swift and mighty sword. But, our tattooed memory of the pain is also paid by us.

Move forward, move on and move forth. Keep telling yourself that.

I have come to learn we all make mistakes and we all have all left errors uncorrected. But I refuse to accept that you, or me became a failure and stayed that way. We have become warriors and we wear proud masks and have great armor!! Our scars remind us of where we have been and by re-reading them, we know not to go there again.

We have prevailed the worst and have become better warriors for it. It has made us strong, weak, brittle and tough all at the same time. Never being ashamed of errors, mistakes and wrong doings. For they have made us who and what we are.

Good. Strong. Humble. People.

After all, who would you rather be compared to….Popeye or Bruno?

“I’ll have the spinach please.”

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