When you know the Why, you’ll know the What. 

Mark twin once quoted:

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Ironically enough; today at church service there was very profound statement made.

“When you know your WHY, your WHAT has more impact because you are walking in or towards your purpose”.

Pretty heavy for ya? Maybe not yet, but once you truly grasp the depth of the quote and its meaning, it is then that you will be able to understand the power of it.

Take a look at this, even a comedian can become speechless…

Okay, got it now? Yeah, I thought so.

The process is one of difficulty for me. I have to think it over in a way that slows everything down around me. My life, my work, my family, it’s like my entire surroundings fade away to a blur around me. And I literally, have to stop and focus. Not think, but really focus.

The WHY for me, is something I am still working on, the WHAT is something I am still searching for. I have a few ideas on both paths but I haven’t fined tuned them to their fullest degree yet.

But I suppose thats Gods plan, to keep us working to keep us guessing, to keep us praying to Him for the answers. After all, He is the only one that gives them to us.

For now, we just need to learn how to be still and listen.

Now go find your WHY, and start working on your WHAT! 

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