Beautiful contentment…

It’s funny how some times you can catch yourself in a certain mood. The mood to dance around the living room to Deep Purples Hush and drive your downstairs neighbors crazy or the mood to become domestic and clean out cupboards, even breaking out the label maker; organize everything you can them make a pork loin with all of the fixings along with a pumpkin pie for dessert. But that doesn’t quite feel like enough so you decide to make homemade chocolate chip cookies only you don’t bake them, you just eat the dough…..oh hello comfort.

Or, maybe you find yourself in the mood to reflect on your life, good and bad, family or work, your faith and your path, you have John Mayer playing in the background on Pandora, ‘Slow dancing is a burning’… to be exact while you console your glass of Argentine Malbec.

Sometimes it’s the atmosphere that puts you in a mood.

Let your atmosphere bring you someplace beautiful and content, if it doesn’t, change it.

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