I was listening to the radio yesterday; switching stations as I usually do, because quite frankly I get bored with music nowadays.

But a song caught my attention, the voice was raw, the words were clear, hearing them pierced me, immediately didn’t like them. They were harsh, abrupt, hurtful, even painful I felt tears start to well in my eyes. As I looked at my radio for information on the song, track and artist, I was surprised to see a phone number. I continued to watch as it scrolled across my display to see if I was missing something but I wasn’t; it was just that, a phone number.

From when I first started listening to the song to the moment I read that phone number it couldn’t have been more than 10 seconds, which is a decently long time if you think about it. I mediately knew the phone number was for suicide hotline prevention.

I picked up my cell and called the number. I quickly explained I would not take up the woman’s time who answered but I was simply calling to say I saw this number on my radio with a song about suicide and I something inside me told to call and thank them. She had the most calming, soothing voice that I believe I have ever heard in my entire life. I know I was talking quickly not to take up her time and she slowed me down by asking if there was anything she could do for me OR a loved one. That blew me away a seeing as these people giving their time along with their hearts to save someone they don’t even know are know offering to help someone I may know that needs help.

I was blessed to say no, and finished my sentence with telling her they are a blessing and I will pray for all of them daily for hope, courage and the strength to pick up that phone every time it rings.

I pray that someday we will no longer need that service. But I also know in a world of hate, like we live in, we need more volunteers to answer that ringing phone.

Be kind. Just love.

Please feel free to share this post which wI have added the link of the interview and story with that artist.

Let’s stop this horrible “Permeant solution to a temporary problem” that has so many hearts.


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