The Washer Chronicals

Chapter 3

He walked in with a huge smile and a red rose. Steve, was safe.

It was a snowy Valentine’s day, but all in all, Steve made it a lovely one for every lady at “The mat”. He walked with his tattered winter coat bundled up in several layers underneath to ward off the bitter cold. My heart went out to him. Yes, I understand he is homeless, that may have been due to his past decisions but I am still human, a Christian at that; so as I said, my heart went out to him.

He washes his clothes like everyone else, soap, water, proper temperature and then dries. But there’s one thing he does that we don’t have to. He uses the restroom to change into his clean clothes and then washes his dirty ones. He doesn’t have much, but he never let that take his smile.

People are funny. You never really realize what they bring into your life.

“I consider myself a humble person” I often hear others say. But my question to them is, “To what extent are you humble”?

Steve had me ask myself that question on more than one occasion. I go to the laundry mat once a week and I’m blessed to say it humbled me. I didn’t mind it. Yes, even in the winter, I didn’t mind it. Rain is a different story.

August 4, 2017,

I left that laundry mat five months ago now. I haven’t seen the girls that work there since April. A new laundry mat opened and I fell in love with its quaint character. It’s much smaller with one wall full of brand new washers and dryers. You know, the ones that rotate your clothes each direction while it washes them. The dryers take less time and have a wrinkle mode that sets in the last few minutes of drying. They also “fluff” the load, so while I’m folding one load and the other is just sitting in the dryer it will turn on and fluff them every few minutes. Nice!!!

Some of you are probably reading this saying “those are the machines I have!” Well, they are awesome! They use less detergent, our clothes even felt better like old soap residue was lifted from the old washers. Lovely.

The owners’ wife put in a brick covering on the opposite wall with slim lined black IKEA furniture. Two very comfortable chairs and a sofa. It’s “homey” if you will.

The folding area is large square tables made from steel pipe that replicates old plumbing pipes, topped with the most beautiful thick wood I’ve ever seen, full

of visible grain and coloring.

The flooring is ceramic tile made to look like hardwood, it’s beautiful.

So, I left the old and chose the new. It’s more me, I pay to do laundry so I’m going to go where I have the best result in clean clothes. This is it.

I often think of Steve while I’m folding clothes. Last I heard he was in the hospital, I don’t know why nor do I assume. I simply wish him well and that he may stay strong to fight his battles.

I have not seen him since that snowy Valentine’s Day.

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