The missing emoji 

I’ve often laughed at the suggestions others post on their wall about the Facebook ‘buttons’. Some write ‘how about a “you’re” button’, due to of all of those (I’m sure I’ve been guilty a time or two) who type “your” instead. It’s not that I don’t know I’m just usually in a rush. Shock. I know. Just look at our society. Rush, rush, rush!

I’ve been told flat-out by my by girlfriend Joyce “Lori, you are a horrible texter!” Yes, I know this. But see, I figure if a letter or two are missing and I’m not quite feeling the importance of punctuation at that moment, I gauge (yes, that is the correct spelling) that they can figure it out. I give my friends the benefit of the doubt, maybe I should rethink that. Plus I’m at work, getting to my phone is a challenge because it’s unprofessional working with patients saying “Could you give me one moment, just keep breathing through your labor pains while I finish this text/post/email etc.”. Yeah, I see myself on the other side of the bosses desk at that point. No thanks. I’ll just wing it like the fast and furious typist within me.

What I’m referring to is the following.

👍🏻 =  I like this!

❤️= Oh I LOVE that!

😂= That’s some funny S#%T!

😮= Not sure about that, so I’m just gonna use the WOW factor here.

😢= This is making me totally tear up.

😡= Oh somebody better run!!!!
word that catches my eye most, and maybe that’s because there is no emoji yet is “Pray”. Read it how you want: “pray, prayer, prayers, praying, prayed etc. It’s there right in typewriter font. So why is it missing? Politics? I don’t think so. I mean if our dollar bill still reads “In God, we trust” why are we not praying for our nation’s people (our FB friends) by the touch of an icon. 🙏🏻 See, it’s just that easy.

In a recent study, I dove into on “Grieving on social media”. I found this paragraph interesting.

“In the old days, you had to go knock on your neighbor’s door when something was wrong,” he said. “But not very many of us did it because we didn’t know what to say. We were just not equipped. You could send them soup. You can send them a note. Now, the distance provided by social media is extraordinarily safer and that doesn’t make it less meaningful.”
Hare un
d this message by pointing to the Facebook page dedicated to finding those lost in Hotel Montana during the Haiti Earthquake in January 2010. Hundreds of people were pronounced missing from this four-star resort upon its collapse, and this page became a central means of communication in the aftermath directly following the incident.
The Sea
es reported that the site began in Long Island when “Caitlin Fuentes, a 26-year-old teacher, her sister Lizzy and her brother Matt heard about the quake on the news. They Googled the hotel and found nothing other than sites taking reservations. So they created a group page for the Montana on Facebook and posted the name of their uncle. Within minutes, the page was flooded with the names of those missing inside the hotel.”
As info
tumbled in, the site transitioned from a source of information to a source of comfort. Open prayers, invitations to vigils, and quiet eulogies invited visitors to participate in the grief of those who lost loved ones. Under an album labeled “Forever in our hearts,” you can still find the portraits of 10 of those lost in the earthquake. Above the faces of these children and adults you will find the same wistful label, “May you fly with the angels.”

Above all, (no pun intended) what we all need most is prayer.

So, Mark Zuckerberg why no Praying hands?

And let me explain prayer, it’s not just to “The big guy upstairs” for some.

I have a friend at work whom over the last 7 years we have become significantly close. I watched her become a mom, twice over, she was with me when I divorced and then remarried. We’ve been each other’s rocks in and out of the office. We don’t spend time together outside of the office for our worlds are a bit different, but very much the same. Work, husband, kids, family, weekend parties, social events etc. My girls are eighteen and twenty-two along with my steps sons who are twelve and fourteen. Her boys, five and eight. Hence, the different worlds. But one thing we do have in common is faith, or should I say; the lack thereof.

You see Jessica (Cooper as I call her) doesn’t believe in creation, her husband does, but they don’t raise their children either way yet. Cooper is a science girl and I love her for it. She gets so wrapped up in eclipses she’ll take the day off work to make telescopes with her boys, please don’t even get me started on her fascination of insects (especially bees, she wants to “grow-up and be a beekeeper” ) and she has a huge love of animals (you know, all of GOD’s creatures) But she never disregards my beliefs as I never disrespect her views, but we love to talk. Not to sway the others thought process, just to be connected. She always says “My grandma says ‘You never know maybe I baptized your boys when you weren’t looking'” Jess just laughs and says she wouldn’t care because she knows better and she laughs again. She is what I call an Agnostic. A just “not sure, but pretty sure there isn’t a God person”. I am a Christian what she calls a “Jesus freak”! And I’m totally okay with it.

I often have people ask me “If you believe in God then who created Him”? My response is quite simple “If you believe in the universe, who created IT”? Sometimes it’s just having that inner feeling that there is something bigger than you out there.

I’ll never forget one in-office email I sent out with the subject title as ‘Payers answered’! It was in regards to something silly like; finally being able to change-up our scrub colors. Out of all of the responses I received,  hers was the only one that made me laugh. I opened her email only to see the words plastered on my white screen.



I had a family tragedy turned beautiful a few years back (Thank you Lord Jesus) and she said to me “I didn’t know what to do when I heard, so I just pulled over and prayed”. Now she may not have been praying to my God but she was still wishing and hoping the best for me and my loved ones. It’s still a form of prayer, it was just Jessica’s’  prayer. Prayer is everything no matter if it’s to God, orSaturn.

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