Be you.

Fake tan. Fake hair. Fake teeth. Fake breasts. Fake eye color. Fake eyelashes. Fake flat stomach. Whoever you are, don’t be fake. Be you. That’s who is so beautiful.


Remember when people had diaries and would get mad when other people read them? Yeah, now they just put everything online and get mad when they don’t.


I love this because I have grown to learn why my fascination with large bodies of water puts me at peace. It has always been my dream to live on the water, even as a young girl. I fell in love with our summers on Houghton Lake and the weekends at my uncles’ place on … More Pleased.

The missing emoji 

I’ve often laughed at the suggestions others post on their wall about the Facebook ‘buttons’. Some write ‘how about a “you’re” button’, due to of all of those (I’m sure I’ve been guilty a time or two) who type “your” instead. It’s not that I don’t know I’m just usually in a rush. Shock. I know. … More The missing emoji