Day ….Epic fail! 

So it’s already June second and I didn’t finish my thirty day challenge, which I, in all honesty; knew I wasn’t going to be able to complete. So why am I frustrated? I’ll tell you why because once more in my life I said out loud “Oh I can do this! It will force me to get it done”. And then I take on yet another task to do. 

And where do I sit, six days behind. In the back of the classroom like a third-grader avoiding eye contact at all costs with the teacher, because I didn’t do my homework and I know she will call on me, I just know it! It’s almost as if teachers have some sort of mental power that tells them who didn’t do their work! Oh god, she’s looking my way isn’t she. 

Maybe I should commit to writing once a week, okay who are we kidding. Twice a month should do it. I can handle that. 

I can feel my inner editor glaring at me over her black rimmed cat glasses, with her hair in a bun and a pencil behind her ear as she is still fixing my grammar from the last piece I published. 


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