When you’re unsure of their path, when you doubt their decisions but you let them make the choice. When at times they frustrate you, when you roll your own adult eyes at them. When you feel like you’ve failed as a parent, when they make you feel like the best parent in the world.Ma and … More Doubt


Watching my twenty-two-year old grow up is one thing if anything, and that is bittersweet. You want them to stay small, but you want them to conquer the world too. Ah my beautiful blonde Madison, take on the world and remember that everything that comes to you is a gift from the Lord above just … More Bittersweet 


She couldn’t be seen by the eye, but you felt her through your skin. Alone, there in the stairwell, you stood, feeling her move through you. Scurrying down the stairs was not an option for you at this point, remembering to breathe was the trick. It was as if she moved through you slowly, knowing she … More Ghost