Day 25

My biggest regret. 

Well I can’t say it was my divorce after seventeen years because my daughters are the best part of us. Or, ‘what we were’ that I wouldn’t change.  Ever. 

I could say that it was my college choice. I ended up doing more technical/licensing school then classroom lectures. Dental assistant moved to orthodontic, phlebotomy to EMT then moved to medic which turned into college EMT instructor, then hospital tech and now ob/gyn med/surg tech. I love my job and my patients. Wouldn’t change my “Jill-of-all-trades” title for anything. 

Definitely wouldn’t be my second (current) marriage, that has been my biggest blessing. 

What about travel, yes I would love to have done that early on but then I wouldn’t have everything listed above. There’s always time to travel. 

My faith is perfect. Always evolving, always challenging me always there to help me grow. 

More kids? Nope! I have two beautiful daughters eighteen and twenty-two (tomorrow!) plus two wedding presents (boys) ages twelve and fourteen. 

I still have a whole lot I want to do and can’t wait to do it. I also still have a lot more I want to do for my children. 

It’s not the tattoo of my ex husbands name on my ring finger. The plastic surgeon handled that for me. 

It could be the place cafe table in this bookstore I chose to sit at for a quiet evening to have some me time. The Indian family that sat next to me seems to have another family member join them every paragraph. But the little girl, oh is she ever beautiful, can’t be more than two and half and so petite. It’s sweet watching all of her older teenage cousins compete for her attention. 

After seeing this young boy run past me with leg braces and two canes that he has wrapped around each wrist calling “Mom! Mom! Look at this book!” It hit me. My biggest regret is not being grateful every morning and each evening for all of my past days. I have been really good about it the past five or so years but in my past, I was not so great. There were years where I was so far from Christ I was only thankful for money and what I could buy with it. Materialistic things, clothes, gifts, etc. I wanted it all and when I had them I only wanted more. Sounds selfish I know, because it was.  Now I spend my time weeding through boxes for things I give away to those who may need them. 

I pray for forgiveness everyday. Then I am grateful. 

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