Day 19

My favorite movie. 
Um okay wow. This is not an easy one, especially for me since I am a total movie buff. But I’m going to give it the ‘good ol college try’ to nail it down to one.
As they fly through my head I have images of them all. Mr. Darcy finally admitting his love to Miss Elizabeth Bentley in the pouring rain just waiting for her to reach out, touch his face and allow him to plant the most romantic kiss of all times on her lips, but no; ugh! Dammit! 

Watching Forest Gump learn to dance in his new shoes with his love, Jenny. And when he meets his son, oh! Love it! 

Then there’s the green mile, absolutely love Tom Hanks. Actually all of the characters in the story are great roles. The faith of that movie, I do love.

Audrey Hepburn is my idol, I have always loved her and her class. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is definitely, definitely one of my top five. 

Well I have a lot more but the all time favorite of mine is Shawshank redemption. That movie is well, it’s perfect. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman’s growing friendship in jail along with what Brooks went through once he was a free man; his struggle was freedom, it was confinement he found safety in. But the mastermind of the movie takes the cake for me. 

So Shawshank redemption it is.  

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