Grateful. Today spent the day with my daughters. Daughters that I have raised (and still am at times) to honor their parents. Today they both did a beautiful job. During our brunch I told them one day (hopefully far far away) I won’t be here. And all they will have is each other. Respect and kindness at times, is hardest to give to those that love you the most. Sometimes a lesson that is learned much to late in life. So honor each other, be kind to one another and above all help, guide and protect each other. Best friends will come and go mark my words. But a sibling is a part of you, a part that can never leave because their blood is your blood, your DNA is their DNA, they reside in your heart. No how matter divided a family can become, you truly can never let them go and that is a beautiful thing. Today I was loved by them like I want them to love each other for the rest of their days and it was a blessing. Thank you for a beautiful Mothers Day.

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