Day 14 ( a day late) 

3 healthy habits

Healthy habits for me are always about food, diet, or an exercise regimen. Sure all that is important but what about the soul? What about the mind?

 My first healthy habit; prayer. I am a very firm believer in the body does what the mind believes. Being grateful, content, happy and helping those around me are healthy habits. What that does for me in turn is allow me to receive back. I smile at someone the result; they don’t shrug their shoulders give me a dirty look and walk away they smile. 

I do go to the gym five times a week, I bike ride,  I love that!  A friend of mine Anne, in the summer we hit the bike trail and on the weekends we do about somewhere between 15 to 18 miles we’ve even done as much as 24 to me that’s healthy, especially when you’re spending it with someone who believes in your spiritual growth,  has the need for  faith as you do, and believes that kindness does a long way. That’s a healthy habit. 

The third healthy habit I have besides the prayer and exercise which I believe are important there is one other, meditation. Everyone needs a few moments to slow down. People just don’t do that anymore, we live in a world where “hustling and bustling” doesn’t even count anymore; we are full speed ahead, no stopping, and if you can’t keep up, don’t worry they’ll run you over!  It’s rough out here now,  I feel sorry for my grandkids that will be born someday it’s  a little too fast paced even for me. So meditation, yoga, they slow me down. It  gives me sense of peace it gives me the ability calm and steady myself, to be able to be kind, to be able to be polite, to always have it in me to at least smile and enjoy the day. That’s what God has given us, he’s given us the gift on inner peace. We just need to find it. 

So those are my healthy habits I don’t know if any of them will do you any good,  but I encourage you to look within yourself and find your healthy habits. Maybe they need some changing, maybe they are perfect. Whatever they are, make them good for YOU!! 

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