Day 11

Top 10 favorite foods (in no particular order here) 

1. Red meat. Oh baby. Organic is my choice. 

2. Mexican. You can not go wrong with Mexican. 

3. Seafood! I love seafood! Mussles are a lovely combination with crushed tomoatoes fresh garlic and a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. 

3. Tiramisu. Just lovely. With an espresso and a glass of red wine prior. Perfectó! 

4.  Cornbread. Oh my lord I’m a sucker for corn bread, only I use a ton of butter on it! I don’t use butter at all really so I clarify it’s okayness here.  

5. Chicken. Seasoned and on the grill. Or pounded out, breaded and oven baked. And I love it cold! 

6. Pears are my all time favorite fruit, pineapple takes second. 

7. Any and I do mean ANY type of cheese. 

8. Semi ice cream eater but I do really love a good cone once in a while. Stonecolds sweet cream with fresh raspberries is pretty much heaven. 

9.  Pretzels. Especially the Bavarian ones! Just be careful you don’t break a tooth! 

10.  Champagne. Oh it’s a food group alraight! 

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