Day 9

What’s in my bag… Just about everything.

My planner. Oh my Lord how I love my planner!!!

Other than my wallet I have an entire clutch nestled in the bottom of my bag that is filled with lip paraphernalia. Lipsticks and liners barely used, a plethora of chapsticks overly used, lip gels, stains, and glosses I can’t get enough of but barely wear (I like that my husband can walk up to me, hold my face a plant an amazing kiss on me without worrying about lipstick gunk.) I’m really just a hint-of-color kind of girl. I prefer my tinted Burts bees-wax sticks, wet n wild lip gels and simple stains I don’t need to tend to. They give the perfect glimpse of color.

But the only thing I truly rely on is my crisp white handmade crochet ruffled hankie.

I have a zippered pouch of colored pens for my planner, mainly the gel ones, they are my fav!  Let’s see what else, sunglasses, two sets of glasses, my own and my husbands readers for when he gives me the look of “I forgot my glasses”. The Our Daily Bread handbook, earphones and a little black leather box of vitamins and emergency cold remedies and probably about two types of hand lotion at all times. 

So that’s about it, sure there are some other things that end up in there like cough drops, perfume, and the occasional water bottle. But I don’t carry them on a regular basis, like my wine key for instance, you never when you could end up in a park enjoying the day with a crisp bottle of white wine.

Waht? I’m just sayin’ !!!


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