Day 5

My proudest moment

That’s a tough one, I have so many big and small. The small always meaning the most of course. I have had proud moments regarding my daughters and their accomplishments, again big and small. With Madison {Madi} I see her right now making all of these grown up decisions after she has done her homework on them, she is 22 in 2 weeks and is quite the lovely young woman. Bold, courageous for sure and has the persona of The girl next door, she is “America’s sweetheart” if you will. Love that girl!

Gabrielle {Gabby} is a bit different, she is still finding her way only she will find it her way. Which I’m not going to lie is exactly how I did it at her age, 18 was fun and not fun all at the same time. She will try on her own and fail, learn and re-try but never lets anyone know, and then one day, she just does something and I ask myself “When did she learn/figure out how to do that?” she surprises me like that a lot. It’s a good surprise. She’s a tough cookie too, but I raised them both tough. She wears her heart on her sleeve and when she’s hurt, boy can you see those diamond size tears welling up in those big blue eyes. Love that girl!

But besides my perfect children (ha kidding!) my most recent moment of pure pride really lies within my husbands journey with Christ. He has always had a relationship with Christ but in these last few years of trials he has really learned how to gain a real trust in his faith, in his Lord and Saviour. To actually see someone make that journey is an unexplained feeling, it leaves you proud yet humbled at the same time. Together the feelings and emotions you experience are more of a comfort because you know the one you love will be in Heaven with you one day, that is all we want for our loved ones. We want them to have the same never-ending love that we desire from Christ. We want to share it with the world, some turn away and it saddens us, but when others chose to walk with us, it pleases us. And thats type of pride that is accepted with open arms by Jesus.

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