Day 7

My five favorite songs..

As though I am to only list five, this has  become a difficult task at that. I will say that any jazz, Frank Sinatra and Paolo Nutini are all my absolute loves.  But these listed below are a few that will never leave my heart. 

Top of the list, Sittin’ on the dock of the bay by Otis Redding. I don’t know a soul who can argue that this is a not a great song. I mean no mater where I am or what I’m doing this song can stop me in my tracks and just slow me down. At times I am forever grateful that a song like this exists. It brings back wonderful memories of my parents and my grandparents and the times that I was just around them when the song would come on the radio. It was like magic, it took over the room, you didn’t have to cross the room and turn up the volume, nobody had to say “Shhhhh I love this song”! You just kinda leaned back where ever it was you were sitting and looked out into the unknown and smiled. It just…happened. 

2.  Cello in G by Bach. 

This is the piece of music I walked down the dock to with my father on my wedding day. I song my husband and I have actually titled our wedding song. 

3.  Sunday kind of love by Etta James. 

Cool, sexy, and classy. Just like my marriage. 

4. Tennessee whiskey by Chris Stapleton. Now here’s a sexy song with passion. Pretty much the song that replaces Chris Issac’s Wicked Game. My husband loves this song. (And I won’t mention how much I love his kisses when it plays) 

5. Breathe by Johnny Diaz. This song can make me laugh, dance, cry and pray all at the same time! Completely takes over my day, my mind, and best of all my crazy agenda. Diaz does an amazing job expressing his need for Christ in this piece of Christian rock music. 

One thought on “Day 7

  1. Nice selection of songs.

    Can’t argue with Otis Redding. Just a wonderful song. Easily my top ten.

    Cello in G is another excellent choice. Mesmerizing!

    As for some of my choices: Amazing Grace by Judy Collins, her solo is as pure as white newly-fallen snow. And almost any version of Amazing Grace done with Bagpipes.

    Variations on the Kanon by Pachelbel, Fanfare for the Common Man by Copland and What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Just a few of my favorites.

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