Day 3

My favorite quote is not something easy to just jot down, but more of a series of small collections of life lessons that have touched me in some way.

When I was going through my divorce of a 17 year marriage I became lost in a sense. I suddenly didn’t know who I was anymore. But the real problem was that I had lost who I truly was way before that. So trying to figure out who I was, was actually learning who I had been,  why I left and what parts I wanted and didn’t want back.

I became….a “remake” of myself.

I would occasionally read this small town “paper” if you will, called The coffee-house. It usually consisted of local businesses getting some advertising action, a Q&A kids section with riddles then there would usually be a small segment of up coming events and the ever so popular “Will you be the first to find the hidden icon hidden in the paper” contest.

But my favorite section was always right in the middle on the inside page, called “Quotable Quotes”. This, this is where I found the first glimpse of the pen hitting the paper in My Remake. 

It is a quote I have used to show my daughter’s what determination is, the importance of strength and living with dignity. And it has made a beautiful remake.

“What makes a river so restful to people, is that it doesn’t have any doubt ~ it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn”t want to go anywhere else”.

To me, it was just that easy. 

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