Day 2

20 facts about myself.

  1. I swear like a trucker, drink like sailor and love like tomorrow will never come.
  2. My middle name Anne came from my Fathers’ grandmothers name, Anastasia.
  3. I have two of the most beautiful young women as daughters (no, I’m not bias at all) who rule my world. I also raised my kids tough, very tough. Because I don’t want them depending on any man who will just break their precious hearts, they will depend on themselves (and me of course, but I don’t tell them that).
  4. I believe I have great Faith in Christ and I believe He is my Sovereign King. I pray all day every day for my enemies, sometimes knowing He is looking down saying “Nice try sister, but I’m not buying that one”.
  5. I kiss my husband where ever and when ever I can. He is my ultimate protector, lover and confidant. I tell him everything.
  6. I have blue eyes and brown hair, I feel my best assets are my eyes and cheekbones (on a good day I’ll throw in my stems {those would be legs})
  7. I quote movies constantly, sometimes I can conjure up an entire conversation just with quotes. (I do believe it annoys some, but I love it).
  8. I read an article that completely changed who my hero is, actually I just read it, well okay I listened to it, but still it worked. It was Matthew McConaughey giving a great speech at an awards ceremony and this captured me “I believe my hero is me, only ten years down the road, someone I am always chasing to be better”.
  9. I believe I can do anything I put my mind to no matter what.
  10. I believe in apologies, long conversations, prayer and trust.
  11. I look just like my Mother at every age of her life.
  12. I love tattoos and secretly have a few more planned.
  13. I see water as my connection to Christ. I will live on the water some day, it’s my peace within.
  14. I know that yoga and daily meditation get me further than my anxiety medication but I take it anyway.
  15. I love doing make-up, cutting and coloring my own hair (my hairdresser does not love this)
  16. I enjoy slow dancing and jazz bands, I believe in magic and love.
  17. I talk to God more than anyone on a daily basis, but mainly thank him for my husband who was an amazing great gift to me and my girls.
  18. I was born in the wrong era. But that’s another story.
  19. I love to laugh, smile and pay it forward.
  20. I am content with myself and that is the best feeling to be had.


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