Noon until three, I weep for thee…

The darkness fell upon his face, while the sky turned black and the thunder cracked. His body hanged bloody and broken. He choked on His own blood from his torture by taking our sins among those before us and those yet to come, crying out “Father, Father why have you forsaken me?”

Tears find their way down my cheek running into the corner of my mouth. I can taste the salt of my tears. Salt I have poured in His wounds myself. 

My heart breaks for Him, and for the knowledge that I have knowing I caused his brokenness. I was a part of that three hour crucifixion, I might as well have been casting the chains. Whipping them into his skin as the hooks devoured themselves deep into his rib cage tearing at his body it pulled at His flesh as I yanked back for yet another cast. 

His heart broke. Why? Not because of me, you or what was yet to come. His heart broke because His Father was, is and always will be the Almighty. The Holiest of Holies. 

God is Holy, which means He cannot be around sin. If He is, He is now one of us, which is nothing more than a sinner of man. He cannot save us by being one of us. 

Christ on the cross had a broken body but what He had more of was a broken heart. His Father could not comfort Him during His most needed time of His presence. How would that feel? The only one you cried out for could not be there. 

In the words of Billy Graham…

 “There is an unfathomable mystery here. Jesus was both God and man united in one divine Person. He could not suffer and die with respect to His deity, but He could suffer the agony of separation from the Father and actually die physically with respect to His humanity. And He did, that we might, through repentance from sin and faith in Him as our Savior and Lord, be forgiven of our sin and reconciled with God…….He was experiencing the agony of separation from His Father. It was the agony of hell”.

Now, that His son who was mortal, has died and is seated at the right hand Him. He can be with us always, that is all I need to know. 

You can deny something in spirit, but you cannot deny something in the flesh. For me, that alone is enough. That alone. 

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