You have pleased me. 

Beautifully delivered sermon at church this morning about how sons need Fathers, and Daughters need fathers (Mothers too). 
 But it reminded me of how my Father always, ALWAYS told us three girls along with my Mother how beautiful we were every chance he had (and still does). 

Now he is passing that onto his Grand-daughters always asking “How much prettier are you gonna get?” Something that lights up my girls faces like they just won the moon. 😊 
Tell your children you love them, that you acknowledge them as your own and how pleased you are with them. No one can go without affirmation. And if you know someone who can no longer have that, or has never had that, be that person in their lives! Teaching them that God the father calls them His own, that He loves them, and that He is well pleased with them.
.#orchardridgechurch #pastorstevebarkey #blessed.

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