Jesus!! or What the Hell!!! 

About six month ago at work I startled a co-worker coming around the corner. Her reaction was one I’m quite used to,the typical “JESUS”! As we both laughed and continued on, I began to think.

Now I’m a solid Christian, meaning I do my best, I try my hardest, and I constantly pray for help and guidance all day. But my co-worker, is not. She’s agnostic and happy to talk about it. We truly have some amazing conversations.

So what does this mean? Let’s take a closer look.

Some managed to project their highest level of a scream (as if their auditioning for the next scream queen role) a few even gave out the ‘ol “OH SHIT!” I even had “Holy hell” or two (another one to ponder)

But to yell out the sacred of all sacred names in a moment of fear, a moment when you are scared, that exact second when you taken by a not-so-pleasant surprise, trapped in an unexpected air second of ‘HELP!’ all roled into one, what do you yell, who do call, you summon Him! The one almighty that can conquer all, and does.

You tell “JESUS!”

Go ahead. Test it yourself. Write down the     things you hear. I did it for quite some time after this. Out of all the responses I received, Jesus took the cake.

Happy researching.

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