My word of the year 

It’s been under careful consideration that I’ve chosen my word of the year. I’ve studied {myself} and I’ve dissected my life. From every day at work to my suddenly relaxed lifestyle on weekends. I’ve pondered, prayed, journaled, I’ve even reached out for help.

But upon my homework a word appeared in my heart out of no where, {I call that a prayer answered}. The word struck me fast and was quite profound.  I believe that was God telling me “Don’t dissect this one, this is your word”

Needless to say, I did not argue.

I have worked hard and then harder, always toward a goal. Not sure about that,? Well, read my about me page, you’ll get it. Yet compared to some it’s still a Cinderella story racked up to their pain, which at that point I offer my most dedicated prayers. But I have goals! I have dreams!!

I. Want. THINGS!!!!! 

I want a home all four children can rest in comfortably, I want my husband to lay his head down each night without constant stress. want to build a church!! 

So why am I here? What am I to do? What am I to hear and feel from Christ? I know my goals. My job now is to complete them.

My word is plain and simple….I run a purpose driven life.

My word is PURPOSE. 

One thought on “My word of the year 

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