No words

Today, a young fourteen year old bright, funny, sweet, kind hearted girl was killed. 

She was struck by a car while crossing the road walking to school. Sadly, she was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. The driver was another young, bright, funny, sweet, kind hearted sixteen year old girl who was also; driving to that same school. Beside her; another young, bright, funny, sweet, kindheart sixteen year old girl. A memory; she will never forget. 

My heart beyond pains for these families, but truthfully more for the driver. I have two bright, funny, sweet, kind hearted daughters myself, ages 18 and 21. 

And to think that they could have been in front or behind that wheel makes me feel the deepest black feeling in my soul I can even try to imagine. 

The first family has to go on and be “thankful” on Thanksgiving day while their hearts shake their firsts towards the heavens crying out “Why God! Why my child!” Understandable? You bet it is, put yourself there, child, niece, sister, cousin, neighbor, hurts doesn’t it? You are damn right it cuts you to your core! But what is worse is it cuts with hate and anger also. Sinking your heart now to the bottom of your core, leaving you with nothing but a rotten, vacant, black fiery hole. 

Now, there is a second family. With a young girl alive and living with the outcome of an “accident” for the rest of every year, of how ever long, her life may be. Will she she need years of therapy? What about meds? Her parents, will they lose their house between law suits and courts fees? If so, more guilt for her to endure. Will she ever be able to drive that car again? Any car? Every day she will see that young girls face and know her life is gone now because of her mistake. No freshman homecoming, no senior prom, no graduation day. How will this poor child live on?

 My God I pray for her. She has not left my mind since the news feed came blaring across my iPhone. 

I think of my own girls carrying that guilt and pain. Trying to walk into that school where everyone that looks at her, doesn’t see her, just sees the young girl that died. Will she ever be normal? I would have to move my family to another state just praying for a ray of hope to let my child have the grace of a somewhat normal life. 

My God I pray for them. 

I pray she becomes an advocate for young drivers and for accidents that are just that”accidents“. Maybe she will create an incredible campaign, maybe she will speak around the world at Drivers Ed classes stating “An acciden is just that; an accident. But your mind and heart will always hold the memory”.  

I am so sorry for both of these families that,  while I sit here thanking Christ that my four children are safe and healthy, poor out with such black pain their minds aren’t even capable of wondering “Will we ever survive this”? 

I pray you all do. I pray you find Christ and learn where your child is. And how you learn how much your child is forgiven.

May God hold you tight tonight as I do in my prayers. 

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