My heart doesn’t lie…..

To my darling Gabrielle (Gabby, Gabs, Gabster, GiGi, G-Force),

I love everything about you, even when we fight. I love your beautiful chestnut long brown hair, that is thick, full and shimmers in the sun. I love that your almost taller than me (almost). I love that you have Aunt Krissy’s big blue beautiful Disney Princess eyes.

I love your porcelain skin that is kissed with birth marks, I love when summer comes and the freckles across your face light up like the stars at night.

I love your cute little nose, your beautiful chiseled cheek bones (most models would die for) and your smile. The smile that takes up the world, the smile that captures everyone’s eyes in any photo, no matter how many people are in it, it’s your smile that steals the show.

I love your laugh, your giggle and especially your snort! It’s a family trait and a great one to have, unless you inherit my talent of balancing a spoon on your nose!

I love your long legs and your graceful arms, you ran hurdles taking you team to finals and coming in first! I love your little fingers and your pudgy toes.

I love your courage, it takes a lot for you to put it out there, but when you do, it is as mighty as a lion! Your fears are something I also love, they raise concern and let you know when to be cautious and to just slow down.

I love that you want to grow up and can’t wait to move all over the world, but at the same time I don’t love that you are growing up.

I love your dreams, I just want you to chase them!

I love your passion, I just want you to set it on fire!

I love your goals, I just want you to achieve them!

The only thing I don’t love, is that you don’t see what I see, when I look at you.

Love you to the moon and back, Mom xoxo

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