Life’s little Surprises….

Sometimes I find it incredibly “funny” how life’s little surprises can overtake us. 

I had a dear friend who moved away a few years back to Switzerland, I love following her and her life on Facebook along with Instagram. Seeing pictures and watching her children grow and see her go through her life just as we go through all of ours. 

But then something happened. 

I messaged (text is how we communicate) her that I had met her college suitemate through my daughter who nannies for her.

 Long story short; when she had the time to get back with me and send her message back it wasn’t just her words, it was her voice.  A voice I haven’t heard since high school. We hadn’t spoken living in different states. I believe we both would agree our friendship became so much more the older we became just through social media. So Facebook voice message it was. And what an incredible thing it did. 

 It literally brought tears to my eyes. As I sipped my coffee on that early Sunday morning, I listened to her talk. I was completely overtaken with emotions. I smiled when I knew she was smiling, I laughed when she laughed, I felt her stress when she expressed it along with her worries. It was like meeting up with her in our high school hallway between classes. Only this time it wasn’t talking about tonight’s pompom party or tomorrow’s football  game. It was life. Marriage, careers, children and the everyday quests we all face. 

I haven’t had the proper time to get back with her yet; but I can tell you I haven’t stopped thinking about her and all I want to share with her. 

Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball and I know you’ll manage how to catch it. But sometimes it throws you a blessing, and when it does, I hope you’ll know how to recognize it. 
Life’s, little, surprises. 

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